1.If you are what you eat, I must be Mexican.

2.Reality tv shows where people are chasing their dreams make me cry. Every. single. time.

3.My fifteen seconds of fame came in the form of a few local car commercials back in 2015. 

4.When I hear any kind of music, I dance a little without even realizing it first.

5.My one and only trip out of the country was a 10-day tour of Europe right after high school with my childhood best friend.

6. My photography studio was made with the windows from the house my dad grew up in.

7.Current personal projects include mastering the perfect cup of French-pressed coffee and keeping my grandmothers’ houseplants alive. (So far, so good!) 

My absolute favorite faces to photograph belong to my daughters: Veda James (6) and Arden Gene (2).  We grew our family portrait through adoption, and I'm forever grateful. Becoming a 'girl mom' was a dream come true for me.

I believe in chasing things that make you happy, which is exactly how I got here...I thought that I wanted to teach high school. I had dreams of making connections, instilling confidence in young minds, and nurturing impressionable hearts...

As I was figuring out how tricky this was between the testing and the disciplining, God was slowly leading me down a different path to the same destination. Hobby turned to passion and then to career. I am so immensely blessed. I spend my days with some of the sweetest clients in all the land. We laugh, we dance, we play dress-up. We stomp around Nashville and explore the hills of Tennessee, and we create art. Work? It almost feels absurd to call it such. 


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